Company "Meander" - relays phase voltage optical sensors counters photoelectric tachometers
ISO 9001:2000
Company "Meandr" Saint-Petersburg, st. Blagodatnaya, 2

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Manufacturer: Electronic time switch, cycling, trehtsepnoe, relay control phase voltage monitoring relays for three phase and single phase, an optical sensor, the sensor fotometok for printing equipment, photo-, thermal relays, electronic meter, tachometer, apartments surge protection, relays, current control

Company "Meandr" specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic devices and systems for industrial automation. Our products work in various enterprises of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

The cost of our products is much lower than similar imported. Today the company is a leading manufacturer and developer of industrial relays in the North-West Russia.

Products made by us, time relays, voltage relays, relay phase, photo-, thermistor protection relays, controllers are manufactured buildings modular design for din rail mounting, and an electronic pulse counter, tachometer, hour meter in housings for mounting on a flat surface or on the board.

In 2007 our company passed the certification audit of quality management system and received a certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000.


в—Љ Overvoltage protection in the apartment USM - 30,31,40,41,50,51
в—Љ Timer - stair switchROL-1
в—Љ  Relays RVO, REC, PB3, RWP
(Including replacement relays VL Kiev production, etc. The table replacement)
Software relays any time characteristics commissioned
в—Љ  monitoring relay phase RKF (including a series EL)
в—Љ  relay control voltage ILV for three-phase and single phase
в—Љ  relay control voltage ILV, RKF short-term failures
в—Љ  relay control current RKT
в—Љ  Thermistor protection ofRT including для защиты электродвигателей for the protection of electric motors
в—Љ  relays FR
в—Љ  Thermal relay TR (temperature controllers, temperature controller)
в—Љ  optical sensors, capacitive VICO various design and purpose
в—Љ  Electronic pulse counters SIM
в—Љ  Hourmeter
в—Љ  Electronic tachometers
в—Љ  Relay speed control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Delivery of products is carried out in your target area of Russia (from office to office)